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Debate your way to a dream future!

There is no speaking without thinking and there is no thinking without speaking. We teach both through world-class online debate training

Why debating

Why debating?

  • a ticket to the world-class universities

  • a practical training of academic and leadership skills

  • builds outstanding public speaking  and communication habits

  • opportunity to compete with the best students from 6 continents

  • a wonderful way to boost your English and make new friends

  • creates confident, global-minded and critical citizens


Think and Speak Academy brings debate training to an entirely new level.

It is designed to give visible, tangible results to beginners as well as experienced debaters much faster than all alternative programs.

Our programme

  • practice-only sessions with video recordings and the ready-to-use summaries

  • online classes led by world-class coaches accessible anywhere

  • developed by expert educators with extensive international experience and education training from institutions like Harvard

  • comprehensive development:  ​​​​

    • personalized progress and success reports

    • our selection of key readings from the international press and research with exercises to boost your general knowledge

    • drills and frameworks to practice at home, designed to develop the habits of master debaters 


What is our method?

About us

Why us?

Think and Speak Academy transforms good students into great people.


We believe that every person can skyrocket their talent and potential with debate training. The secret lies in the best coaches, individual measurement of success and stimulating environment of mindlike ambitious pupils.

How do we know we can deliver?

Our coaches are:


World Debate Champions (2021)


European Debate Champions (2020)


Head coaches of multiple national debate representations

The students of our coaches:


became World Schools Debate Vice-Champions


won Oxford and Cambridge Schools debating competitions


were selected to national debate representations in their first year of debating

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Dear students and parents, 


Preparing for the future has never been more difficult. The world is increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex. Moreover, the competition for the best universities and jobs is tougher than ever. For example, almost all Cambridge applicants are predicted top grades, so being smart and knowledgeable is not enough for success neither in academia nor in professional life. At the same time, social and soft skills are in decline. But whatever the talent or area you are going to follow, if you want to stand out and lead, you need to be heard and listened to. What to do? How to make sure that you fulfil your potential? And obviously, how to prepare for the future not just as a worker, but also as a human, citizen and changemaker?


Educational research and our experience from working with thousands of most talented and ambitious kids all over the world say one thing.

Debating is your opportunity.


Debaters achieve better exam results, are more likely to study abroad and get a PhD, they go through interviews with ease and are more critical, active and creative in academic classes. Professionally they are great team players and leaders. 


All our staff believes the same. Debating has the power to transform good students into great people. I hope you will become one of them.

Radosław Czekan

Co-Founder, Think and Speak Academy

Semifinalist of the World Universities Debating Championships 2016

If you are convinced,

please SIGN UP for our group or individual courses. 

Our staff will contact you to inform you about the next steps.

If you would like to talk

about our offer, programme and how you can benefit out of it,

please feel free to contact us anytime:

+48 790 870 898

+1 857 425 9807

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