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How fast can you make progress with us?

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Piotr, Poland

Piotr's journey with think and speak academy (2).png

Having no prior experience in debating, Piotr joined Think and Speak Academy in November 2020 as one of our first students. From the very beginning, his ambition to make rapid progress in debating was impressive. Trying to take advantage of that, Piotr took part in our semester-long course and had a series of individual classes with our coaches. 




He was so good at his FIRST EVER debate competition that he was selected to the Polish National Debating Representation that consists of only 10 best debaters in the whole country! Later, this year he made it to finals of Polish and international debate competitions. 


Quite a story, huh? With enough hard work, everything is possible - we always tailor our programming to students’ needs. If you want to become a debate champion, we will use years of our experience in debating and all the knowledge we have about education to help you!

What do our students say?

Our feedback is what makes us going. We constantly strive to be better, adjusting our classes to the needs and expectations of our students.


Francesca, United Kingdom

Throughout my time of being taught by Przemek, I have been helped to cultivate a massive variety of skills that are not only relevant to debating, but ones which can be taken beyond the exercise. With each session structured in a meticulous yet fluid way, his interactive pproach to teaching allows everyone to implement their skills in a way that deepens their understanding of debating structure and the art of solid argumentation. His sessions are not only informative, but funny and engaging with visible progress made each week unmatched.


George, Greece

Geneva has been an amazing teacher, in terms of both communication and efficiency in delivering material. She has an impeccable manner of breaking things down and making them clear and easy. Besides, her impressive debating, coaching and humouring skills are the things that really stand out. I appreciate her persistence and patience in explaining complex concepts and exercising them with us. She’s willing to stay even after the agreed hour just to make sure all questions are covered!

Piotr Małkowski (1).jpg

Piotr, Poland

The course is an amazing opportunity to grow as a debater. Coaches made sure that every class has everyone involved. Furthermore, the balance of theory and practice makes it a great chance to get to know new debating skills as well as get a good grasp of them.


Fuliya, Canada

Over the course of only 4-5 classes with David, I recognized that my growth as a debater has reached feats I would have never imagined. From extremely helpful thorough feedback to discussions on case development of different motions, I've been able to view perspectives of topics and lines of analysis I would've otherwise never seen. Even with little expectations going into my provincial qualifiers, by utilizing skills learned and practiced in class, I was able to advance all the way to the grand finals as the only public school student. Because of this, I'm extremely grateful for all the help David has provided me as a spectacular coach

Feedback is what makes us going

That's what our students say about our classes!

"I am happy after this class, because I am usually a third speaker and learning how to make my rebuttals more effectively will be very helpful in my future speeches."

"It was great. I loved knowing about the logical prioritzation because that was a new concept to me. I also learned that in order for the judge to understand what you want to do in a debate, you need to show what you are doing."

"It was I think the best class I've had in debate ever. It was really clear and I think it will really help me. The interactive activities and one on the feedback helped me a lot."

"Very helpful, I enjoyed the intermittent exercises. Immediately applying what we are learning helps me to better comprehend and retain the lesson."


"I enjoyed this session, it was very helpful hearing examples during our drills."

"The class was very useful and helped me understand even more how to structure my speech."

"I learned many skills in this class. I learned of the importance of opening lines."

"I enjoyed working on weighing. Historically, I have struggled with weighing, especially against our top half. This session was very helpful."

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