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How to use debates in applying to top universities?

More and more students are applying to Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, MIT and other leading universities, which makes it even more competitive and more difficult to differentiate from the rest.

In Think and Speak Academy we believe that you can debate your way to a dream future and in order to make it, you need both excellent skills and you need to know how to weaponize them in a personal statement or at an interview.

That’s why we collected the best practices and advice from the best Polish and foreign debaters, the European Champion, Oxford University students and interviewers.

For example learn a story of Zarina from Oxford University, who championed the interview process thanks to her debating skills

“Starting debating for the very first time was the best decision I have ever made. I honestly do not believe that I would have been accepted to read Economics and Management at Oxford University if it was not for the advantage I had at every stage of the admissions process by being a debater..."

You want to know how Zarina and others used their debate skills in the interview and application process?

Download our free guide.

How to use your debating skills and exp
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